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Your Health and Wellness is important to us .

What makes PVD Cares Unique?

At PVD Cares Wellness Center, our mission is to provide the highest quality care with an emphasis on evidence-based practice and patient-centered care. It is our mission to coordinate medical care and community resources available to enhance wellness for clients across the lifespan. 


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Become a Patient

Our area of expertise is Preventative Care.

The philosophy at PVD cares is holistic medicine. We individualize each patient’s care ensuring complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.

At PVD cares Wellness Center, we understand that illnesses aren’t planned and it can be difficult to get an appointment at the last minute. Our Same Day Sick Visits can help when those unplanned illnesses arrive. We are glad to offer same day appointments. Same Day illnesses may be provided via telehealth only at this time. Examples of Same Day Visits include:

    • Cough and cold symptoms
    • Ear pain or earache
    • Fever or Chills
    • Flu like symptoms
    • Sore throat
    • Urinary symptoms (hesitancy, frequency, burning with voiding)
An Annual Physical examination is important not only for your overall well-being but also for preventative health. It involves aa overall review of medical history, vitals, physical exam, laboratory work, breast/ prostate exam, and ordering of preventative tests such as mammograms.
These tests are important diagnostic tests that can help your provider track changes that could be indicative of an underlying health condition.
Sports and Camp Physicals For children who participate in organized sports, it is important that these athletes have a preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE) before the season begins. The goals of the physical are to maximize safe participation by children and adolescents, identify medical problems with risks of life-threatening complications during participation (eg, cardiac conditions) and identify conditions that require a treatment plan before or during participation (eg, hypertension). It is our priority at PVD Cares Wellness Center to ensure that your children are safe, healthy and ready for the season.
Pre-Operative Clearances The Pre-Operative Clearance is an evaluation prior to surgery. The goal of the evaluation of the healthy patient is to detect unrecognized disease and risk factors that may increase the risk of surgery above baseline and to propose strategies to reduce this risk. Tests conducted include Lab tests, EKG, stress test and pulmonary function test if needed.


Our provider specializes in chronic illness management. Chronic illness requires diligent patient centered care which is what will be provided at PVD Cares Wellness Center. A list of some chronic illness includes:

    • Alzheimer disease
    • Arthritis
    • Asthma
    • COPD
    • Cancer
    • Crohns Disease
    • Diabetes
    • Epilepsy
    • Heart Disease
    • HIV/AIDs
    • Hypertension
    • Parkinson’s Disease
At PVD Care Wellness Center, we believe that the integration of medication in conjunction with a nutrition guide, exercise and behavior modification will increase the success of the client’s weight loss goals.
Our list of FDA approved medications includes Phentermine, Qsymia (Phentermine and topiramate), Phendimetrazine.
The program includes:
$100 Monthly charge/ No insurance billed Monthly visit commitment

PVD Cares Wellness Center is a practice that offers alternative medication management. Under the state’s new cannabis law, patients will be evaluated by our experienced providers for the need of medical marijuana treatment. During the evaluation, the provider will perform a comprehensive review of each patient’s medical history to determine if medical marijuana will help to alleviate the patient’s symptoms. A written certification and step by step guide needed to register and obtain a marijuana card with the Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Program will be provided.

Pre-certification requirements include

· Patients must be 18 years or older.

· Be a legal resident of Rhode Island and have valid proof of residency.

· Have medical records documenting your qualifying medical condition.


  • · First Time: $150
  • · Follow Up: $0
  • · Renewal: $100
  • · Discount Price: $0
  • · Booking Fee: $0
  • · Length: 30 min
Telehealth video visits- through the zoom app Telehealth visits will be conducted first then an in-person visit will follow.